• English proficiency courses across levels 1 to 12, covering listening, speaking, reading and writing, open classroom discussion, and emphasis on developing English reading comprehension and grammar application. Through case's own professional English...

    Basic English courses
  • The system studies the pronunciation of natural spelling, which covers vowels, consonants and polysyllable pronunciation, and finally achieves the learning ability of "reading words can read, listen to words can write", and solve the ability of memor...

    English Reading Comprehension
  • In depth, we should study the original works of English literature, learn the precise use and expression of words, and learn the author's writing style and writing techniques. Open class discussion, with material imitation training, greatly improves ...

    English Literature
  • According to the professional English test that Kathy has developed independently, it is reasonably classified according to the English level, and recommends the appropriate level of books to read, and creatively in English original books as the brea...

    English Guided Reading
  • The interesting American private school teaching materials make it easier for students to enter the study of history. Open class discussion is a set of targeted open writing exercises to further enhance students' writing skills and deep thinking abil...

    World History
Keith advantage
Mr. Ian Cheung

He is currently the academic director of Beijing international education system, lecturer in the English teacher training course of Beijing Language and Culture University, and is responsible for the research and development of Kathy literature course in the United States。

Educational background: Master of Philosophy in Chinese classical philosophy, Peking University (2006); Pepperdine University。 Rich experience in English literature creation: he started writing at the age of 14, and was published in the United States at the age of 19

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Kaiser teaches you to enjoy western food (January 20, 2018).

Keith education brings us a series of cultural activities, such as western art, Western food and Western literature. In Europe and the United States, all food related matters have been taken seriously, because it also contains food and conversation enjoyment. In addition to the delicate taste, the collocation of the dishes, the elegant dining etiquette, the adjustment and relaxation of the mind, the enjoyment of the environment and food, and the correct use of tableware are the first courses to enter the food. Kathy education in the United States is led by foreign teachers to share western culture and dining etiquette together. Through the exchange of English environment, it brings different Western food culture experience.

The existence of dinosaurs has been a mystery, but it seems to be true, so many people are awfully awe and curious about the mysterious and huge prehistoric creatures of the dinosaurs. For many children, dinosaurs are their most curious childhood partners. In order to let the children experience the archaeologist's discovery journey, the American Kathy education arrangement arranged for foreign teachers to tell stories of interesting dinosaur English and to lead the children to excavate dinosaur fossils. Dinosaurs from cold fossils into vivid English story characters, interesting English stories to add a lot of fun to this event!
2018-02-01 Detail
American cath Education - Guangzhou

At the end of 2015, the American cath academy and the American International preparatory college were formally introduced to Guangzhou, China, to bring the original American K-12 course for Chinese students.

The United States Keith EducationAmerican Caast Education
Propagandist video
In the country's first English application ability competition, no matter what the children get, the scientific solution, the excellent English thinking ability let the students have a great ability in the project.
Through a large number of research, information collection, continuous discussion and in-depth analysis, a strong conclusion has been drawn and displayed on the stage of thousands of people in English. These 5-14 year old teams praise the teachers both at home and abroad.
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